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 Cuts can be done on a variety of eggs. I use the air tool for a smooth cut, then strengthen the shell inside with white glue. This makes a fragile cut egg strong enough to ship and does not affect paint, glue or finish you may want to use outside. Small goose egg is approx. 8"-9", the medium is approx. 9.5"-10". Please allow a couple extra days for cut eggs as I do not keep all cuts in stock.

I can ship anywhere. 
For International orders please contact me via E-mail for exact shipping charges based on your requested shipping method.
Click on Small Goose in pull down menu under desired cut number to show all eggshell choices.
Then add to Cart.
You can update quantities in the shopping cart.
 Fancy Cut Eggs with no hinge

Prices: Small Goose $11.00 - Medium Goose $12.00 - Rhea and Emu $32.00—Ostrich $37.00
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Fancy Cut Eggs with Hinge

Prices: Small Goose $12.00 - Medium Goose $13.00 - Rhea and Emu $35.00—Ostrich $39.00
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