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Heavy 3leg brass stand

Heavy 3 legged Brass Stand - 1 1/2" H x 2 1/4" Diameter - Polishes up well.  Perfect for large goose or Rhea/Emu. Only have about 20 of these and well sell them for $5.00 each.


Tall Brass Stand

Sold Out

Tall Brass Stand - 1 1/8" H x 1 1/2" W  Polishes up very well. These fit medium to large goose very well.  Only have about 10 left and will sell for $3.50 each.




Silver Bug Stand - $3.00 2.5" dia. bendable wire


clear matte sealer

Clear Matte Sealer - $8.00 12 oz. spray can


gold star

Box Gold Stars - $1.00 Approx. 100 1/2" stars.  If you curve these stars a little they cover the holes in eggs very well.


resin leaves

Resin Leaves

Resin Leaves available in 3 sizes:  Use these for a horizontal stand.

Small - 2"    $2.00 each

Medium - 3"    $3.00 each

Large - 4"    $4.00 each


square marble base

Square Marble Base - 4" square     $3.00     These are polished on one side only in various natural patterns



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