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I can ship anywhere. 
For International orders please contact me via E-mail for exact shipping charges based on your requested shipping method.

Eggshells  uncut, unpainted, but empty and clean

Small Goose - under 9"     $2.00 each

Medium Goose - 9 1/2" - 10"     $3.00 each

Bobwhite - $0.80 each or $8.00 a dozen

508 Beadz
#508 Beadz $12   Tiny no-hole glass beads you can glue down to an egg with bead lacquer, just like glitter! 14 sample size bottles of Beadz in purple, teal, emerald, clear, fuchsia, lavender, rose, moss, gold, rust, red, blue, black & silver, plus an extra bottle to create your own mix

 510 Paintpouncer
#510 Paint Pouncers $2 bag. Disposable non-shedding, close-density sponges.


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